Endangered birds and bees will be put in danger by new law

Ireland’s endangered birds are being put in further danger by a proposed new law which promotes the destruction of their habitats, claimed angry protesters today.

The curlew and the yellow-hammer species, once plentiful and key members of Ireland’s wildlife, will suffer further serious decline under proposals to allow farmers to burn vegetation during the month of March and to cutback and destroy hedgerows and bushes during the month of August.

Hedgerows are full of berries and other food for wildlife during August.

Bumble bees and many types of wild honey bees will also suffer by extending the permitted times to slash and cut down vegetation and flowering wild plants in the months of August, claimed the protesters who gathered outside Leinster House in Dublin today.

Arts and Heritage Minister Heather Humphries introduced a Heritage Bill in  the Seanad yesterday that would extend the hedgerow cutting times by allowing the cutting of wild vegetation to begin on August 1 instead of September 1. This would extend the six month cutting season to seven months.

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Source: Independent.ie