Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery & Tree Felling

Tree SurgeryOur Tree Surgery Services, try to retain trees that are in good health sometimes for different reasons a tree needs to be completely felled or removed. There are many reasons this may need to happen from safety reasons, a tree may be dangerously leaning over a property, a roadside, cables or power lines or a tree may be dead or decaying and posing a safety concern.

We will always do a full risk assessment on every tree we look at. From this assessment we will determine the quickest and safest way for our fully qualified team, to remove the tree. At times a tree can be felled as a whole but more often than not we will use Section Felling. This means we will fell the tree in manageable sized sections using a tree rigging system, for extra peace of mind!


Tree Pruning & Shaping

Pruning and shaping of trees is a very important part of tree care. It involves the removal of diseased, unwanted portions of a tree and the aesthetic shaping of a tree. There are many different types of pruning and for many different reasons. Some are listed below:

Crown Lifting – removing the lower branches to heighten the canopy of the tree. This technique is very effective at increasing light in gardens and through windows.

Crown Thinning – Removal of secondary branches within the trees crown. This retains the trees shape and size but allows light and air to circulate through the tree. This technique is very useful if there is a concern about the tree in high winds.

Crown Reduction – Reducing the height or spread of a trees crown, usually back to suitable growth points. This reduces the crowns overall size.

Deadwooding – This involves the removal of dead or damaged branches. This is a main element of tree management and ensures there is no safety risk should there be adverse weather conditions.

Wood Chipping – We provide an onsite timber shredding service. This allows us to transform all timber into wood chips. We cater for this service using our truck chipper combination.

Stump Grinding – This involves the removal of any remaining tree stumps after a tree is felled. We offer this services using a specialised machine that turns the tree stump into pulp.

Domestic & Commercial Tree Care – We offer the most up to date tree care and services to all our clients both domestic and commercial. We are always sensitive to area of aesthetic beauty and will ensure minimum ground disturbance where we are working both in private gardens or commercial properties. We have specialised equipment and a highly qualified team that allows us to successfully complete every job, no matter how big or small.