Designing your Garden

Buying a new house is one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences of anyones life so we were happy to be a part of designing your garden.

As you can see from the first few photos the garden had been very neglected and had a lot of unsightly concrete.  Our clients wanted an easy to manage garden with a modern,  clean patio and a beautiful lawn.  There was a lot to be done to redesign this garden!

The first job for us was to rip out all the old concrete and the old lawn.  Our clients were pleasantly surprised at the size of their garden once all the concrete, old grass and over grown hedges and shrubs were removed.

We then set about creating a beautiful lawned area bordered with railway sleepers.  We used roll out turf grass to create an instant lawn.  We also planted a hedge along the border fencing with their neighbour, which in time will give them greater privacy.

We then set to work laying the patio slabs.  We had discussed with our clients what they wanted to get from their garden and it was clear to us that they wanted an area for entertaining and enjoying, an extra outdoor room to their house.  The patio slabs were laid flush with the sliding doors into our clients living area which created the feel of an extra room outside.

Drainage of patio areas is always very important, however, with the fact that the slabs were flush with the sliding door into our clients living space we wanted to be sure that any rain water would quickly drain away so small narrow drains were laid between the patio and the back wall of the house.

We feel the newly designed garden for our clients will give them many years of outdoor living and entertaining space.

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