Felling of Dangerous Trees

It is always important to check all trees on your property, making sure they are safe and healthy and if not are looked at by professionals.

This client had 5 unsafe Macrocarpa Cypress trees that needed to be felled.  All 5 had been left over time and had become unsafe.  2 of these trees had already fallen but had been stopped from hitting the ground and doing damage by other trees around them.

After our initial assessment we carefully removed all branches from all of the trees to take away weight and stabalise the trees from falling further and doing damage to surrounding properties while we undertook the tree felling work.

Once all branches were removed we set about reducing the height of the trees gradually before we felled them from a safe height.  All trees were successfully felled with minimal disruption and damage to surrounding properties.  The felling of these 5 Macrocarpa Cypress trees not only gave peace of mind concerning their safety but also hugely increased the light to all surrounding houses.

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