Commercial Tree felling for Development Site

An independent tree assessment was carried out on all trees around a proposed development site at  a nursing home in South Dublin, to assess the implications that development would have on the immediate tree population.  We were contracted in to undertake the commercial tree felling for the development site. Following the tree report there were specifically identified trees to be felled.  The report had found that apart from a large Monterey Cypress, all trees were relatively small and in poor health due to lack of proper tree management over a prolonged time.

Apart from a few smaller trees throughout the nursing home property, the majority of the trees that needed to be felled were along the property boundary with a local public park. Therefore, our easiest and safest access to these trees was, with permission from the local authority, through the local park.  Due to this, before we started tree felling, we implemented all safety procedures to keep any public passers by safe.

We used rope rigging and one of our qualified tree surgeons to safely fell the selected trees. All branches were firstly taken down in a controlled manner, the tree trunks were then safely felled in long lengths.

All smaller branches were chipped on site to be used as garden mulch, while all the larger sections of tree were taken away to be re-used.

The public park access was left in pristine condition with no damage to the grass or surrounding flora.