Asphalt and Tar & Chip Driveway

Our client on this project opted for a mix of asphalt and tar & chip for their new driveway.  They were having their house completely renovated and wanted a clean easily maintained driveway.  After discussions with them we agreed on laying asphalt along the drive way and using tar & chip for the parking area in front of the house.

The driveway was levelled to create an even foundation for the asphalt to be laid on top.  We used granite cobble at the entrance gate and along both sides of the driveway. We also laid 3 rows of cobble between the end of the asphalt and the tar & chip nearer the house.

The tar & chip laid at the parking area was prepared in the same way as the driveway....we firstly filled it and levelled it to create an even foundation for it to be laid.  We also created a flowerbed using the granite cobbles in the centre of the parking area to act as a small roundabout.