Council stand by tree policy

Following a spate of local controversies following the removal of trees from streets and estates around the county, particularly in Rush, the council has moved to remind councillors and the Fingal public of the reasoning behind its tree policy which aims to correct mistakes of the past and 'put the right tree in the right place'.

Arboriculturist and parks superintendent with Fingal County Council, Fegus O'Carroll gave a presentation on the county's tree policy to councillors on the Balbriggan/Swords Area Committee, at the request of the chair of that committee, Cllr Tony Murphy (IA).

Mr Carroll said that when the tree policy was first adopted it went through extensive public consultation and got a mostly positive response, particularly from environmental groups.

The aim of the policy, he said was to create 'an urban forest, diverse in age and species' and tackle legacy issues that saw the wrong tree in the wrong place and relied too heavily on too few tree species.