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How trees can teach us about our own lives

Sheffield street is lined with plane trees planted in honour of pupils from the local school who died in the first world war. When you walk along this living memorial and touch each trunk, it sparks a strange feeling of intimacy with historic events. These trees help us to remember, creating a powerful sense of…
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What to know about fallen trees

Hire a Professional: Find a certified tree surgeon near you ( ) Assess the Damage: The tree loses its significance once there is heavy damage to the trunk or root structure. Proper Pruning: Trees need to be pruned with their natural structural mechanisms taken into considerations . Preventative Measures: Look ahead. Watering, fertilizing, and protecting trees from…
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Council stand by tree policy

Following a spate of local controversies following the removal of trees from streets and estates around the county, particularly in Rush, the council has moved to remind councillors and the Fingal public of the reasoning behind its tree policy which aims to correct mistakes of the past and 'put the right tree in the right…
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